Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cater for allergies?

We do cater for allergies, and will do our best to accommodate any requests. WE NEVER GUARANTEE ANY FOOD IS  FREE FROM ANY ALLERGEN. We only have a small kitchen 
Further Info: our GF fryer is used to cook fish in also.

Do You allow Dogs?

Sorry NO, We only allow Guide Dogs.

Do you Open Lunchtimes?


Do you cater for large tables/parties?

We do our best to catering for large tables but only take booking via email at  [email protected].
We only accept tables larger than 8 person at either 5:30-6pm or 8-8:30pm to help maintain a fluent service.


We do not supply Cakes for special occasions, you are more than welcome to bring your own and we can bring it out to the table for you. But we do not supply Celebration cakes. 
We can also put a candle in a desert and get the waiter/waitresses to sing happy birthday. (they don't have the best singing voices, so just think of the worst bits from X factor and its something similar to that)

We also do not supply decorations, you are more than welcome to bring your own but we do not allow confetti as it has a tendency to stain tables and re appear for weeks after!!!